The websites below have been especially useful and helpful to The Woozy.

North American Reggio Emilia Alliance

The North American Reggio Emilia Alliance is a diverse community of advocates and educators actively promoting and defending the rights of children, families, and teachers of all cultures through a collaboration of colleagues inspired by the Reggio Emilia experience. Join NAREA, a network of educators, parents, and policy-makers seeking to elevate both the quality of life and the quality of schools and centers for young children.

The World History Project

The World History Project is a web site that enables people to collaboratively record, discover and share history. It’s an open source concept with events listed in several ways: by day, year and by topic. fully searchable.

Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture: A Multi-Media Archive (University of Virginia)

This site was tremendously helpful to The Woozy in our investigation of the cultural significance of Harriet Beecher Stowe's, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" it provides all kinds of information and links to deepen the understanding of the novel in context to it's time and enduring significance.

The Great Courses by The Teaching Company (Audiobook Heaven)

Since 1990, the Great Courses has provided the best lecturers and professors from the Ivy League, Stanford, Georgetown and other leading institutions to create 390 courses for lifelong learners. (Most courses are available through your local library)

Yale University: HIST 119: The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877

This course, available through Itunes and other sources as mp3 download, explores the causes, course, and consequences of the American Civil War, from the 1840s to 1877. This course will open your eyes to the reality of America during this era. David W. Blight is the Class of 1954 Professor of American History and Director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition at Yale University.

CSPAN'S Top Nonfiction Authors and Books

Book TV is a fantastic resource for the best American Non-Fiction and historical books. The Website contains Featured Programs, The Book TV Schedule, Archived Video's, Podcasts, Publishing News, and Links to All CSPAN Websites. Each weekend, Book TV features 48 hours of nonfiction books from Saturday 8am (ET) to Monday 8am (ET).

Films For Action: 400 Films to Change the World

From the Website:Watch over 400 of the best social change documentaries free to watch online. Everything has been cataloged and sorted into 42 different learning themes and is searchable and sortable by highest rated, most viewed, and newest added.

Edx online education: Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and others.

EdX offers interactive online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities including MITx, HarvardX, BerkeleyX, UTx. EdX is a non-profit online initiative where anyone can search, view, sign up for and have the option of earning certificates. Learn at your own pace, 24 hours a day and meet others who are doing the same thing.

CSPAN Archives

CSPAN Archives. Brian Lamb created CSPAN and has made their copious archives available online.

Highlander Research and Education Center

The founding principle and guiding philosophy of Highlander is that the answers to the problems facing society lie in the experiences of ordinary people. Highlander teaches programs designed to build strong and successful social-change activism and community organizing.

USI (Understanding Slavery Initiative)

The Understanding Slavery initiative (USI) is a national learning project which supports the teaching and learning of transatlantic slavery and its legacies using museum and heritage collections. The transatlantic slave trade was responsible for the forced migration of between 12 - 15 million people from Africa to the Western Hemisphere from the middle of the 15th century to the end of the 19th century.

History As A Weapon

History isn't what happened, but the stories of what happened and the lessons these stories include. History is just one tool and every tool is a weapon.

Death By Government

This website documents the largest mass killings in history, mostly perpetrated by totalitarian governments upon their people. Many statistics and facts that are either obscure, or uncollated and unsummarized. A sobering sight that is important for what it teaches us about ourselves.

Paulo Freire Institute at UCLA

The Freire Institute at UCLA is one of over 10 international Freire based Organizations working to build and support networks of scholars, teachers, activists, artists and community members dedicated to social justice through education.

Civil Rights Movement Veterans

"This website is of, by, and for Veterans of the Southern Freedom Movement during the years 1951-1968. It is where we tell it like it was, the way we lived it. With a few minor exceptions, everything on this site was written or created by Movement activists who were direct participants in the events they chronicle."

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is a nonprofit organization supporting the study and love of American history through a wide range of programs and resources for students, teachers, scholars, and history enthusiasts.


The RSA is an enlightenment organization committed to finding innovative practical solutions to understand and enhance human capability.

Real Clear Politics

Founded in 2000, RealClearPolitics covers all aspects of the U.S. political process including policy, elections and government.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.

Academic Earth

This site brings together many of the internet's great courses and academic instruction in one place.

Dinos Maps

A bunch of large, beautiful interactive maps with interesting scientific facts for kids.

Harlem Children's Zone

In the early 1990s, HCZ brought a range of support services to a single block. The idea was to address all the problems that poor families were facing. Today the Children's Zone serves 97 blocks with stunning academic success.

TED believes passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. Ted is also a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world's most inspired thinkers.

Tribal Leadership

Tribal Leadership will help leaders of large and small businesses, and nonprofits learn how to take the people in their organization from adequate to outstanding.

DREDF (Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund)

I don't use this website much, but it just might be the best advocacy website I've ever come across. This site helps families to advocate for the educational rights of their children in virtually all respects. A ton of materials, advice, "how-to" guides, etc.
FROM THE WEBSITE: Americans with disabilities make up one of the United States' largest minorities. More than 25% live in poverty and only about 20% have gone to college. Seventy-five percent are unemployed. Such economic and social disenfranchisement is not an inevitable consequence of the physical and mental limitations imposed by disability; it is the result of society's historic response to those limitations.



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