Woozy Policy

The Woozy has been involved in many social issues. Below are some of the reports either from issues we worked with directly, or from other projects of interest taken up by The Woozy.

1. County Behavioral Health Court Implementation Model (pdf)

2. Angola: The Transition from Slavery to the Modern Prison Industrial Complex (pdf)

3. The Berkeley Strategic Diversity Plan (pdf)

4. I.D.E.A Consulting IMD Alternatives Final Report (pdf)

5. Af-Am Mental Health 2-yr Report to the State of California (pdf)

7. Forensic Mental Health: Psychotherpeutic Interventions (powerpoint)

8. Holy Names Univ. Presentation: The Psychology of Criminology (pdf)

9. Mental Health Presentation: Working with Af-Am Populations (pdf)

10. The Struggle For Black Freedom in America: 19 Steps to Black Freedom (pdf)

11. Major Political & Legal Events in U.S. Black History (pdf)

12. The Woozy Celebrates Hip-Hop: Breakdown of 14 Rap Classics (pdf)

13. Landmark Court Rulings Every American Should Know (pdf)

14. The Woozy Essential Reading List (pdf)

CURRENT PROJECT [ Under Construction ]
Why Read Uncle Tom's Cabin? [ DRAFT ] (pdf)