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Below are some excerpts from The's favorite audiobook adventures. Many are Af-Am themed, others are not. Click on the link to hear the mp3.

PLAY 1. Professor David Blight Of Yale University Recounts The Reading Of The Emancipation Proclamation To Recently Freed Slaves

PLAY 2. Civil Rights Pioneer Robert F. Williams And His Wife, Mabel Williams, Discuss The Black Community's Efforts To Integrate The Monroe, South Carolina Public Swimming Pool

PLAY 3. Angela Davis Speaking To A Group, And Trying To Pinpoint The Moment In Her Life When She Became An Activist

PLAY 4. An Introduction To The PBS Civil Rights Era Series, Eyes On The Prize: America At The Crossroads

PLAY 5. The Rise Of Conservative Politics, Law & Order And Religion (Presented by Professor Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

PLAY 6. An Excerpt From Af-Am Author Richard Wright's 'Black Boy': A Scene Where Richard Wright Has To Fight At School

PLAY 7. Professor J. Rufus Fears Speaking On The Circumstances Of Civil Disobedience & How That Effects Social Change

PLAY 8. The End Of The Civli War And The Beginning Of The Period Known As Reconstruction

PLAY 9. The Aftermath Of The Scottsboro Boys From The PBS Series, American Experience

PLAY 10. One Of The Lowest Point In American History: The Presidency Of Andrew Johnson And The Reconstruction Era

PLAY 11. A Public News Radio Presentation On The Attica Prison Riot Rebellion And Slaughter Of Inmates

PLAY 12. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. At The Crossroads To The Promised Land

PLAY 13. One Of America's Most Amazing African-Americans, Paul Robeson, from Law School to Broadway and The World Beyond

PLAY 14. The Underground Railroad And The Effect Of The Fugitive Slave Act Upon The Black Community

PLAY 15. Gil Scott-Heron Riffing On The H20Gate (Watergate) Injustice Fiasco: We Beg Your Pardon America

PLAY 16. A Brief Explanation Of The New York Slave Riot From Ken Burns' History Of New York

PLAY 17. Uncle Tom's Cabin: Escape Of The Slaves Cassy & Emmeline And The Martyrdom Of Uncle Tom

PLAY 18. Professor Marshall Eakin Expounding On The Political Ideas Behind The American Revolution And The Effect On The Colonist, Natives And Slaves

The Audio Files Below Are Non-African-American Specific.

PLAY 19. Albert Einstein's Miracle Year. Several Earth Shattering Papers That Changed The Face Of Science Forever (1905)

PLAY 20. Ernest Shakelton Fails To Conquer Antarctica And Ends Up Completing One Of The Greatest Sea Voyages In History

PLAY 21. Scientist Penzias & Wilson Stumble Upon Proof For the Beginning Of The Universe (Cosmic Background Radiation)

PLAY 22. Fort Laramie Council Between Whites & Native-American's: Willful Cultural Misinterpretations (Crazy Horse)

PLAY 23. The Meshika Leader, Motecuhzoma And Hernan Cortes: First Contact And The Battle Of Destiny

PLAY 24. The Early, Unpromising Life Of The Future Leader Of Germany: Adolf Hitler

PLAY 25. Early Encounters Between Native-American Leaders And English Settlers From The Mayflower

PLAY 26. The Period In European History Known As The Enlightenment

PLAY 27. The French Revolution - Napolean III & The Reprecussions Of Character

PLAY 28. 17th Century Colonial Empires In Revolution In The Americas

PLAY 29. Prophet Paul Tells Of His Experience Of The Risen Jesus

PLAY 30. The Insanity Of Mao's Great Leap Forward And The Heavy Toll Paid By The Chinese People (Steel & Wheat)

PLAY 31. Mahatma Gandhi's Leadership, Use Of Power & Fearlessness

PLAY 32. Classic Literature: The Many Layers Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

PLAY 33. Jared Diamond, Author Of Guns, Germs & Steel Recounts The Conquest Of The Incas

PLAY 34. Miquel De Cervantes Masterpiece, Don Quixote, And Don Quixote's Penance For His Maiden, Dulcinea Del Toboso (& Sancho's Objection)

PLAY 35. Philosopher Jacques Derrida, (Deconstruction) Names His Forerunners

PLAY 36. Enrique, The Great Taino Revolutionary, Leads A Revolution Against Spanish Brutality In Hispaniola

PLAY 37. Stephen Hawking - The Beginnings Of The Theory Of Relativity: The Speed Of Light(Roemer) & The Electromagnetic Force(Maxwell)

PLAY 38. Professor Felipe Fernandez-Armesto: The Renaissance & The Scientific Revolution And The Role Of Ideas And Happenstance

PLAY 39. Professor Teofilo F. Ruiz: The Terror Of History And The Construction Of Satan (The Construction Of A Societal Scapegoat)